The basis of our business is the assumption that a good product responds to the actual needs of customers.
We believe this can be obtained only by involving various stakeholders at every stage of the product creation process, i.e. designing, commenting, opinioning and buying.
This is why we wish to ensure:
  • SIMTILITY is a platform and space for everyone who has a great idea but no money or willingness to manage such aspects as production and sales, but would like their ideas to bring them money,
  • SIMTILITY products use the potential of diversity - both of the needs and ideas, thanks to enabling everyone to submit their idea for a product,
  • It is prospective customers who decide if they like a given product and want to use it - even before we start manufacturing and selling it.

EVERYONE can be a part of SIMTILITY

Not only buying our products, but also co-authoring them.

What are our products characterized by?

Creation method
using the ideas, potential and needs of prospective users, involving various stakeholders at every stage of product creation.
Our customers
or the ones who often need "little helpers" in their everyday life, both in the kitchen, during a walk or at work, e.g. the disabled, seniors, mothers, children etc.
Our products' properties.
We wish to ensure they are simple - both in their form and use, useful - i.e. they should really facilitate daily life, but also work, help pursuing the passions and hobbies of our customers, and they should also be well designed.

What are the factors contributing to our products' price?

We wish to ensure our business is transparent so our customers should know what is behind the price of the product they are buying.
This is why the price of every product is determined based on the same rules:
of the net price is the costs
(both the direct manufacturing costs and operating costs)
is profits distributed as follows:
50% for the person who devised the product, 50% SIMTILITY. The appropriate VAT is added to the said price - and this makes up the price paid by the user.
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